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The Louisiana School Based Health Alliance (LASBHA) promotes the health and academic success of students and the economic development of communities by increasing access to quality healthcare and support services provided by school health centers. LASBHA builds support among policy makers at the national, state and local levels for sustainability of existing sites and expansion of the SBHC model. We educate students, parents and community leaders to the mission of school-based health centers and use their input to create more responsive facilities. LASBHA is a non-profit, membership organization. Membership includes staff from all Louisiana’s school-based health centers as well as other individuals and organizations that support school-based health care.


All children and adolescents are healthy and achieving at their fullest potential. 


To improve the health status of children and youth by advancing and advocating for school-based health care.

About School-Based Health Centers in Louisiana
There is nothing more basic to a child's ability to succeed in school and life than good health. Yet physical and emotional problems often make learning impossible. The cost to the future of these children—and to the future of our state —is incalculable. Preventing this waste of potentially productive lives requires ongoing action on a variety of fronts, including the continuing expansion of preventative health care for the lower income Louisianans whose children are at highest risk.

Even when families have access to health insurance coverage, preventative care or timely care for acute illness is not always easy to achieve. Parents often can't afford time off from work to take a sick child to a doctor. Louisiana suffers from an uneven distribution of physicians and other health professionals throughout the state. Poor transportation services in many areas and problems in navigating the health care system itself only add to the problem.

How Do School-Based Health Centers Fit?
School-based health centers (SBHC) are an important statewide resource helping to address the health care needs of under served and uninsured children. School-based sites provide needed preventative, diagnostic and treatment services, including direct primary and mental health care for acute and chronic illnesses, health education, case management assistance and immunizations. They also provide vital counseling for more recently understood health care concerns that have replaced infectious diseases as the major ailments of childhood. These include such risk factors as childhood obesity, smoking, substance abuse, violence and safety issues, as well as behavioral problems ranging from mild to severe.

Staffing patterns vary, but typically include nurse practitioners, nurses and mental health care providers as well as part-time physicians. Lab facilities for routine tests are often on site. In short, students can access nearly any healthcare service in an SBHC that they can receive in a general practitioner’s office. There is never a direct cost to families for these services.

Parental consent is required for students to enroll for center services.

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